Edges - A Puzzle Challenge

The concept is simple: turn the squares so the colored edges match. As you continue, the shape of the board changes and a whole crew of characters will appear giving the game a whimsical feel.

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100 Custom Levels - AD Free!

Edges - A Puzzle Challenge starts easy and gets progressively more difficult as you continue your journey. The game will eventually be quite the challenge. Stay determined. You can do it!

A Curious Crew of Characters.

You didn’t think the game was just going to be turning squares… did you?

  • Snowmen will give you hints. Sweet!
  • Ghosts will obscure your sight. Spooky!
  • Actors will turn squares themselves. Seriously?!

And more! We’ve got to keep a few cards up our sleeves…

You Will Enjoy This Game If You:

  • Like to solve puzzles.
  • Have ever enjoyed a "Match 3" or "Tile matching" game.
  • Pride yourself on keeping your mind sharp.
  • Feel empowered when tackling challenges.
  • Need something to do when you are bored.

What Our Players Are Saying...

Unique, stylish, and fun!
by amywastaken
I love the look of this game, very sleek and minimal. It also happens to be the most fun I've had with any tile matching game since Tetris. Very nice 👍

Having a blast
by Lovesaburger
Just found this app and having so much fun!! Have not run into any app issues at all. Highly recommend.